Saturday, March 3, 2007

What's the point?

I am not much of a blogger. I read a couple. I respond infrequently. As you can see by the stretch between this post and my last that I don't keep my blog up to date either. While reading a blog the other day though my mind was challenged and it lead me to ask a few questions of myself. I share them here more out of a desire to organize my thoughts than any other reason.

The question that has been plaguing me (hmmm that sounds harsh... maybe occupying my every though would be better... nah, plaguing is the right word) lately is "What's the point?"

I know I am not the first to ask the question. Wiser men than me have taken a stab at it. Solomon tried and I believe failed. I don't think he actually wrote the end of Ecclesiastes. So, that verse that says that life is for fearing God and keeping his commandments, while true, is not from his wisdom.I get the impression that he went to the tomb feeling life was indeed worthless. All of his words are pointing me to the conclusion that there really is no point.

I can't live with that conclusion.

So, what is the point? I do not know yet but there are some conclusions that may help me on my way.

1) God does not experiment. He has no need to. Science is His creation. He established all of the rules. It is not an experiment if you know the outcome.

2) Since God does not experiment He does things with a purpose. God is not capricious, doing things just for the sake of doing them. At least I see no evidence of this. The "competing" gods of the time all had this attribute. God was different in that He broke this mold.

3) Since God does not experiment and is not fickle, but works with a purpose. I believe that He created mankind with a purpose.

4) I also believe that God is as interested with the individual as He is with humanity as a whole. I believe He knows and loves me personally, not collectively.

5) Putting all of the above together, I believe that I, personally, have a purpose.

6) And my purpose is .... still a mystery to me :)

I am still pondering these thoughts. I have some that are solidifying and others that are still in the runny-jell-o stage. As more thoughts come together I will expand this topic.

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