Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rules for Life - The Rules

Rules For Life

Originally written and posted on MySpace March 25, 2006

  1. The first rule of my life is that there are no rules. There are only choices and consequences. Rules imply doing things because they have to be done; no choice in the matter. Or, things are not done because you are told not to; again, not because you have a choice. My first choice is to not live by any rules.
  2. I choose to trust God's promises in my life. I will actively seek them as I read and study His word. I pray that they will stand out as I read and I trust God to make that so.
  3. In relationships, with God, my family, my friends and those around me, I will choose to do all things because I love them and seek their happiness. I will gain pleasure, joy and happiness in seeing smiles on other people's faces. I will learn to love more deeply and care more actively.
  4. I choose to base my happiness, self worth and joy of living in the things that God gives me. These I can trust to be there in all situations. God has promised to Love me no matter what comes; no matter what I do; no matter how the world my treat me. He is my anchor and I will trust in Him to give me value.
  5. I will choose to do good, not because of the negative consequences but because of the positive ones. I have no fear of Hell my eyes are upon heaven. I serve well not because if I don't I will be made uncomfortable but because I love the joy I share in doing good. I will live with the active knowledge that joy shared is doubled and sorrow shared is halved.
  6. I choose to speak boldly in support of my Lord and Savior. When others put Him, or those who believe in Him, down, I will speak. My life must be as bold as my words for only by the mirror of my life may my words reflect the power of Jesus Christ.
  7. I choose to be open to changing my mind. I choose not to come to any conclusion that has the rigid permanence of an epitaph chiseled in stone. I hold the Bible to be truth and am willing to submit my understanding to its guidance.
  8. I choose to be gentle with sinners. I will not condone or encourage their sin. Neither will I dilute in my speech its harm to their soul. I will, however, teach, admonish, correct and encourage with that same heart that told the woman caught in the very act of adultery to "go and sin no more".
  9. I choose to openly worship my Lord every single hour of every single day: every waking hour and every hour I am asleep. Sundays I choose as a time to focus that worship and to encourage others and to accept the encouragement from my fellow brothers and sisters. Sundays are a day of building up.
  10. I choose to seek out my Lord so that I might know Him better. I will do this by reading His word and by speaking to Him often. My prayers will, for the most part, be conversational, as with a friend. When I praise Him it will be with all of my heart. I will allow my prayers to be assisted by the Holy Spirit. This is a promise of God that I will trust.

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